Since sticking a knife into a toaster as a kid who didn’t know better, and subsequently surviving, my curiosity has never waned. This is reflected in my work, creating content that reveals and informs.

People are my motivation. What they do, how they do it, and why.

Long story short (with a side of paraphrasing). At 21 years-old I was writing a screenplay for 20th Century Fox, and while stalking about the studio lot I stumbled my way into working for the Photo Department on Star Wars Episode IIimage. While not the greatest film, it was a great job, so you could say it was the power of the Force that kicked off my passion for photography.

A few feature films later I discovered the world of advertising, where I’ve worked for over ten years as a copywriter and Senior Creative with leading ad and digital media agencies. I also found time to work on documentaries and complete my Masters in Journalism from the University of Technology Sydney, and Danish School of Media and Journalism.

Whether it’s a family seeking justice or a brand wanting to cut through clutter, I believe any story can move, educate and bring about change. And like a knife to a toaster (which I don’t recommend) I strive to craft content that sparks something within others.

T: +61 403 904 792
Andrew Mackinnon