Unwelcome home

At age five Eddie and his family left México and crossed illegally into the United States, eventually settling in Los Angeles. In his early teens Eddie joined an LA street gang where he felt more at home than ever. At age 16 a rival gang member approached him with a shotgun drawn, but as Eddie tells it, he got in first, and shot the rival in the head, killing him. Eddie ran and for three days he hid, until the police found him. He spent the next ten years in prison, and on release was deported back to México, a country Eddie knew little about. It’s been a decade since he returned to México, and he still doesn’t consider it home. Eddie’s constantly greeted by strange looks, not just because of his tattoos, but because of his strong US accent, and LA street uniform of baseball cap, loose pants and t-shirt. And while México might not feel like home, it is to his seven-year old son Santiago.